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If you see a celebrity, tweet your sighting and include #sawthem. Include a link to a photo for extra points.

Keep track of your favorite celebrities and gossipers by following them. Your homepage is your personalized news source for celebrity gossip and sightings.

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About Sawthem

Ever ponder where your favorite celebrity might be eating lunch? Maybe you want to hand Dr. Dre your demo? Maybe you want to give Zac Efron that scrapbook you made for him?

How do you find your favorite rappers, reality stars and future baby-daddys anytime of the day without trailing paparazzi?????, the go-to source for what your favorite celebs are saying and where they are saying it from. Not only can you read every celebrity twitter feed imaginable, you can accidentally show up at a bar in the East Village where Matt Dillon might be sipping on a whiskey.

Go ahead and thank Kazumi Saburi, the speculated inventor of the camera phone, for gracing us with the power to trail and track celebs from our ever so mini mobile devices. Because the more you snap and upload, the higher you are ranked in the site, the more gifts you might receive and the closer you get to actually walking the red carpet.

About Us

Collette Foster

Chief Editor

Born and bred in San Francisco, Collette Foster is the girl about town with a passion for pop-culture. While studying music at UCLA, she discovered her love of celebrity and launched her own blog- that is now sawthem.